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8 Steps to Create a Fake Facebook Conversation Online for Free

We see a lot of fakes that replaces the original on the internet these days. This existed as early as the Internet came existed. The latest is how to fake a Facebook Conversation. Facebook is a social networking site used globally by over 1 million registered users. Anybody below the age of 13 can register, however, the lower age limit varies from country to country. People all over the world share lots of stuff with each other every moment. This can be entertainment videos, store, and captured images or photos posts a statement on their Facebook page.

There are different, lesser used apps for Facebook. The latest doing the rounds online is a topic on how to fake a Facebook conversation. This is simply fun! You can play a prank on some of your friends. You cannot just create a    Create a fake Facebook conversation but even go ahead and share. Unbelievable! Right? Read on for 8 simple steps.

How To Make a Fake Facebook Conversation

Before this, we also shared how to create a fake WhatsApp chat. Now we share how to create a fake Facebook Chat. There are 8 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Few Websites are available online to create a fake Facebook conversation creation. Find the best one and for this topic, we used
  • Step 2: Using your Facebook account, log in to the said website
  • Step 3: On the left panel of the website, there is a form to create a fake conversation.
  • Step 4: on the bar called ‘Name of Commenter’, type in the name of the commenter.
  • Step 5: there is a browse option below that to select a fake image.
  • Step 6: On the column, ‘Their comment’ type out a fake conversation.
  • Step 7: Type out the conversation on for your friend’s comment.
  • Step 8: simply save. Share the conversation on Facebook.

Check out the surprised reaction and Have Fun!

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